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The Yodarama Platform

Unlock the Future of Compliance with complAIzer’s Yodarama Platform. Imagine transforming your existing compliance engines into intelligent, adaptive systems that function like a highly sophisticated driver-assistance system for your legal obligations. Experience partial autonomy in compliance management, and let our technology seamlessly integrate into your existing solutions, enabling optimized performance and foresight.

ComplAIzer´s Yodarama Platform

Version 1.0

The partially Version 1.0 automated legal bot

Dynamic Rulebook

  • Capturing compliance rules
  • Automating daily workflows
  • Provisioning of standards
  • Customizable per customer

Symbolic Assistant

  • Based on rulebook
  • Automating standard requests
  • Monitoring data streams (static)
  • Highlighting next compliance measures (rule based)

Rule-based System

Semantic reasoning

Knowledge repository

The Yodarama Platform


  • The cognitive, AI-driven brain
  • The dynamic rulebook
  • Hybrid symbolic & subsymbolic AI
  • Event-based service architecture (SOA)
  • Provision of "blueprints" for different organization types

Version 2.0

The legal assistant

Data Assistant

  • Monitoring data streams (dyn.) classification of data categories
  • Automatic generation of permissible data mergers

Risk Analyzer

  • Scanning legal sources
  • Integrating new practices from outside after approval
  • Prediction of compliance risks by individual project assessment

Legal "ChatGPT"

RL Algorithms

NLP based rule creation

Optimized User Experience

Role-Specific Features for Comprehensive Compliance

Discover the power of customization at every level of your organization. From Compliance Officers and Employees to Admin/IT staff, our platform offers specialized tools designed to meet the unique needs of each role. With real-time threat status displays, workflow management, whistleblowing support, and more, we make compliance intelligent, interactive, and integrated for everyone involved.

Compliance Officers


Admin/IT Perspective

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