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We are looking for dedicated team members who want to make a difference at the intersection of legal consulting and AI technology. If you’re interested in dynamic compliance automation and want to contribute to realizing our ambitious plans, we’d love to hear from you. At our company, you’ll be part of an innovative environment where you can revolutionize compliance processes and empower people

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Enjoy the autonomy to select your work environment that not only boosts your productivity but also allows you to create unparalleled value for our clients.

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Engage in fulfilling work that spans client-based assignments to direct contributions toward the development and improvement of our own proprietary product.

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Exercise the freedom to influence the future trajectory of the company and implement innovative approaches within the team structure.

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CTO Lead Architect

As the CTO Lead Architect, you'll be a pivotal force in shaping the technological backbone of our multi-platform compliance solutions. Your role encompasses the architecture of both cloud and on-premises systems, ensuring scalability and adaptability. Collaborating with cross-disciplinary teams, you'll further enhance our AI-driven compliance engines and automated workflows. If you're a technical visionary eager to make a significant impact, we invite you to apply.

Data Engineer

As a Data Engineer, your role will be crucial in managing and optimizing data pipelines, thereby supporting our platform's AI-driven compliance solutions. You'll work closely with our technical and analytics teams to implement robust, scalable data architectures. The position involves handling both structured and unstructured data, ensuring high availability and consistency. If you are detail-oriented, passionate about data infrastructure, and looking to work on diverse projects, we encourage you to apply.

AI Engineer

Shape the future of compliance and governance through the lens of artificial intelligence. This role focuses on developing advanced machine learning algorithms and models that are integral to our platform's capabilities. You'll collaborate with an interdisciplinary team, working closely with data scientists, software engineers, and product managers to drive the AI strategy of our organization. Your contributions will not only enhance our platform but also streamline complex compliance processes for our diverse clientele. Come be a part of this exciting journey and help us redefine the compliance landscape. Apply today.

UI/UX Designer

Bring user experiences to life in a role where design meets functionality. Here, you'll focus on creating visually compelling and intuitive interfaces for a platform that simplifies complex compliance processes. Your work will involve everything from wireframing and prototyping to final design execution, all while collaborating with product managers, engineers, and stakeholders. Through user-centered design principles, you'll play a critical role in ensuring our product is not just effective but enjoyable to use. If you're passionate about creating designs that solve real-world problems, this is the role for you. Apply now to be a part of our dynamic team.

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